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  • Description

    Jyotisha is a shastra that is required for our day-to-day life. Five things that change daily – Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana – are referred to as panchanga (panca – five, anga – parts). For anyone interested in learning basic Jyotisha, these five parts or pancha angas are a prerequisite. In this course conducted by The Madras Sanskrit College, one will learn about these five angas as well as other concepts based on them such as Rahukaala, Yamaganda, Hora, Shula, Adhomukha days etc.

  • FAQ

    1. What is the prerequisite to take this online Panchanga course?

    A functional knowledge of English and computer usage alone is required. No need for any other qualifications.

    2. Do I have to sit in front of the computer at a particular time to avail the lessons offered online in this Panchanga course?

    No. The Panchanga lessons are in the form of prerecorded videos. You can view those videos at a time of your choice and learn.

    3. How many Panchanga lecture videos are there? How long is each video?

    There are, in total, 11 Panchanga lecture videos. On an average, the videos are 20 mins long.

    4. How is the course structured?

    The course is planned so that you will be able to learn on your own. After watching a lecture, you have to go to the “Quiz” section and answer questions related to the lecture material. Only after that, the next lecture video will be unlocked. In this way, through your effort you have to complete watching all the videos.

    5. In the Panchanga course, apart from the pancha angas, is any other concept taught?

    In the Panchanga course, apart from the five angas, other concepts such as Rahukala, Yamaganda, Kulika, Chandrashtama etc. which are based on the five angas are also taught.

    6. How do I ensure hassle-free online learning?

    For hassle-free online learning experience remember to clear cache in your computer/phone/tablet devices. Keeping the device clean averts errors during its online usage. We recommend Google Chrome or Micrsoft Edge for this program for good learning experience. In both the browsers the cache can be cleaned by opening 'Settings' and searching for 'Clear browsing data'.